Even seasoned gym-goers may feel muscle pain after working out, especially if they have undergone a strenuous routine. While some would consider the ache as a good thing – bodybuilders will argue that soreness is an indication that you are building muscle – this can be very uncomfortable, and downright painful at times.

Many people, including well-known personalities, have since turned to yoga in order to get relief from the pain. A blog post on Enjoying the Journey explains how yoga can help post-workout muscle soreness. According to the article, the stretching done in yoga limits the impact of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which is the primary reason behind body ache post-workout.


Yoga and sports

FitPro cites tennis player Andy Murray as one of the athletes who uses the practice to alleviate pain from his hard training. It was revealed that the sportsman does Gyrotonic exercises to manage muscle ache. The routine is a combination of yoga, dance, tai chi, gymnastics, and swimming.

Besides Murray, the article also identified the US women’s soccer team and New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team as yoga practitioners. They use it to recover more quickly and become less prone to injuries during training and/or competitions.


Yoga and entertainment

Hollywood actress Heather Graham is also a yoga devotee. She said in several interviews that she makes it a point to do yoga every day.

According to the actress, she combines yoga with transcendental meditation to calm her mind and manage stress, as she is always juggling a multitude of projects. She was reported by Metro as having recently worked on Bliss, a British TV comedy series; and as the face of the gaming site Foxy Bingo. Graham was chosen as part of the latter’s new marketing campaign, which also includes the release of the Foxy Bingo Android app. They were in addition to her role as the lead star, writer and director of Half Magic, an upcoming indie film set to be released in 2018. Aside from yoga and meditation, the thespian also practices Pilates as well to help stay in shape.


Should you incorporate yoga into your workout plan?

With all that being said, should you incorporate yoga into your workout routine? The Huffington Post claims that cross-training yoga with various other types of workouts, including athletics, helps reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, it can boost your overall fitness. Combining different types of workouts also trains different parts of your body and challenges your bodily system to perform a variety of movements.

In effect, mixing up your training will prevent your body from becoming used to a fixed set of motions. This makes it more adaptive to different routines, not to mention that it gets stronger and more flexible. The article mentions athletic activities, cardiovascular training, and strength training as options for those who want to mix up yoga with another type of workout. Weight training, in particular, is recommended as a good match for yoga because it develops your strength and stamina, which in turn can help you become less prone to common injuries associated with the training hard.

Note that there are different types of yoga out there, each of which has been designed to help practitioners achieve a certain goal. Some focus primarily on mental exercises, while others lean more towards physical movements. There are also types which are a combination of both. Make sure to do your research to see what form of yoga will be best suited for you. This is crucial in coming up with a workout plan that will help you meet your fitness goals. It’s advisable as well to get the assistance of a personal trainer who can help in formulating the right training programme applicable for you.