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    CPT, Pn1

Are you sick and tired of how you look? Embarrased by the shape of your body? Or perhaps you have a few extra pounds you want to get rid of?

Maybe you have tried out all of the diets out there, been yo-yo dieting and frustrated with all the rebounds and the emotional roller coasters that follows?

I know exactly how you feel!

You see when I was young, I was feeble as hell and skinny as a broomstick. I had trouble gaining muscle and had a hard time even trying to build a 'normal' physique, let alone looking athletic or getting buffed!

I felt unattractive, had a poor self image and at one point felt like life has nothing good to offer me.
I was at a lost with no one to guide me with any of my training or nutrition, and personal trainers were unaffordable back then.

Fast forward 20+ years.. Ive been through every type of workout/training there is, tried every type of supplement I could get my hands on!

Training and nutrition became my passion. Enough for me to throw in my decently paid job with one of the top multinational companies in order to help people who want to improve their physiques and well being.

For the past 10 years.. I have successfully helped hundreds of clients who pays me thousands at a time, to lose a ton of weight, shape up, and build muscle that they can only dream of!

Why do people fail to reach the way they want to look?

So you have been training and dieting for a while but your results are mediocre at best or you are struggling to make any changes in your body shape?

Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet? With no real lasting results, leaving you frustrated and a lost of hope?

Because of this you don’t feel great and lack in confidence?

You don’t know which exercises are good for you, which ones are effective for you and how to perform them properly without causing any damage?

Or you may have been training for a while but wonder why you are not getting any results? You are confident in doing a number of exercises but have no idea in what else you can do and so you do the same few exercises day in, day out for many months, or even years.

You stagnant and hit a plateau!

Why Over 75% of the time spent in the gym is WASTED!

Let me explain...

Everytime you're in the gym, how often do you see all the cardio machines being full, especially threadmill?

How often do you see overweight people trying to lift like bodybuilders? Doing isolation exercises instead of full body compound moves?

How many people are actually following a structured program? Instead they just 'wing it' and do the same exercises they've always done in the past week/months or even years?

These are classic mistakes that are TOO common.

The Top 4 Mistakes That Is Robbing You Of Your Fat Burning Potential

1. You are doing too much cardio and ONLY burning calories whilst you're working out

This mistake is so common that I see it day in, day out. Doing steady state cardio (ie, jogging) only burns a moderate amount of calories whilst you're running. If you run 3 times per week, you're only burning 3Hrs out of 168Hrs per week!


You can easily eat all the calories that you have burned in that entire week in JUST ONE MEAL!

BOOM! There goes your calorie deficit, and your FAT LOSS with it!

There are ways to spend less time running and get your body to burn fat round the clock. We spend more time not working out than we do, so wouldn't it makes sense to make your body burn calories round the clock whilst we're at rest or doing other duties? I will explain and show you how!

Doing too much cardio can jeopardize your lean muscle mass. Your body will start to cannibalize your lean muscle tissue with the aim to reduce your overall calorie burn so it can keep you running for longer and increase your aerobic capacity! This is our built-in adaptation and survival mechanisms at work!

2. Your metabolism is getting shut down

Lowered or damaged metabolisms is a common place with those struggling to lose weight. The more weight we're trying to lose, the less we eat. By starving ourselves or crash dieting, our body slows down our metabolism in order to keep us alive. Its a vicious cycle. You can't out fool our body, its too smart for that.

To get our body to burn more and work overtime for you even whilst we're at rest is key. This is how people who are always lean manage to stay lean! I will reveal how YOU can also do this!

3. You are not burning enough calories during your workout. You're not in calorie deficit.

Insufficient intensity coupled with a diet which does not create enough calorie deficit
is often the problem. You are not creating enough intensity in your workout to cause your body to need to adapt. Another words, you're training in your 'comfort zone'.

Its impossible to lose weight unless your daily calorie intake is less than what your body burns. The question is do you know how much your body is burning? You can find out easily with our programme. We'll show you how.

4. You are not building ANY or not enough muscle!

Scared of getting bulky? Well guess what? No muscle = FAT! Muscle burns fat, period. People look 'toned' is because they have muscle and also relatively low in body fat. 'Bulkyness' is caused by FAT, NOT muscle!

So the more you start working out with weights and build muscle, the faster you're on your way to getting toned. Weight training is a pre-requisite to a 'Toned Body', make no mistake.

As seen on


You see, any good training programming is periodized for it to be effective. Our bodies are built to adapt. We can adapt to any situations given enough time and frequency of exposure to it. We get progressively good at it and eventually our body uses less and less effort to perform the task. Our body burns less and less energy as a result. This is when your progress grinds to a halt.

Let me introduce you to our SMA3 WorkoutTM  system, and how it is different from the rest.

Our training and nutrition programs are periodized and progressive to ensure that your body never completely adapt or plateau. This way you will keep progressing, loosing body fat and gaining muscle, as long as you stick to the program!

Our tried and tested program incorporates a variety of training methods, when working in combination, is devastatingly effective in torching STUBBORN FAT!

Designed to help you develop lean muscle mass and BURN a significant amount of FAT, Your body will look toned and stay toned due to the lean muscle that you would have put on.

Here's How Our 3 Stage System Works:

1.   SMA3 Strength-Muscle Building

Too often the all important lean muscle mass if forgotten and is where they are going wrong. The more muscle you have the more you burn and the leaner you can get. Cardio alone does not build much muscle at all, if any. In fact you could be wasting muscle!

Our Strength training system has been proven to build significant strength which leads to lean muscle development. This boosts your metabolic rate so your body burns more calories 24/7 round the clock!

The side benefit of this is you would be able to maintain your new bodyweight and keep all the weight off as long as you continue to train and eat sensibly.

2.   SMA3 Metabolic Conditioning

We now know that slow duration steady state cardio burns an insignificant amount of calories and only whilst you're actively working out.

Our Metabolic Strength Circuits, forces your body to build and maintain lean muscle, whilst blasting fat. The High Intensity Training boosts your metabolic rates and keeps your flames burning for longer around the clock!

3.   SMA3 Afterburn

The Afterburn workout creates the intensity that amplifies the total fat burning capability in your body.

It raises your thermogenic efficiency so your body continues to burn calories even when you have your feet up.

When worked in synergy with the other two workouts, here you have the most powerful muscle building, fat blasting system at your disposal.

Put in the work required and you're on your way to a lean, sculpted physique.


The sad truth is, most conventional programs only hit one of the three essential methods. That means you’re only working with 33% of your fat burning potential — at best.

The 3 key methods works in synergy to kickstart and propel your fat lose to a new level. To miss one out would mean that you would sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Use all three the way we have designed it and you have a POWERFUL Fat Burning recipe and turn your body into a lean fat burning machine.

However, all the training in the world isn't going to cut it if your diet isn't right.


And just like any machine, it needs to be fed with the right fuel in order to function properly and BURN Fat The Way Its Intended.

Without the right fuel, we would not be able to progress in our endeavour and perform the way we want to. This is why nutrition is so important.

Without the right diet for your Body Type, you are simply training in vain.

Diet and training goes hand in hand if you are training for any specific goal/s.

Perhaps you have tried many other programs out there?

The problem with most programs is that the diets are not designed for your specific body type.

‘Blanket nutrition’ which simply does not work. ‘One size fits all’ plans from magazines used by the masses are a waste of time … Corners have been cut… and so have your results!

This is a hit and miss approach.

No two bodies are built the same

We are all built differently and come in different shapes and sizes.

We all have different body types, lean muscle mass, levels of bodyfat, metabolic rates and genetic make-up to name a few..

Following a diet that is not originally designed for your body type is like picking up a random garment at a clothing store and hoping that it fits you!

It simply does not work and is a complete waste of time.

Wasting money may not be a big issue for you.

But we cannot get back the time and effort spent.

Not to mention the emotional and psychological impact it could cause from failing to get results everytime.

A nutrition program needs to be customized if you want results.

We don’t believe in fad diets, magic pills or simple meal replacement shakes.

We believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of our health and well being.

And as such we take a holistic approach with well balanced nutrition specifically designed for each individual body type.

To get real world results you need a plan that is designed for your body type.

Know your bodytype

If you follow a plan for a different body type, you will not get any results at best, you could be left feeling worst, negatively affecting your health OR you end up losing muscle and pile all the weight back on when you start eating normal again.

For a diet plan to work, you need to know 3 crucial things:
  1. What your body type is
  2. How much calorie YOU burn each day
  3. How much of each macronutrient you need to be eating for your goal

Without these measures, the plan is flawed

Our program addresses all 3 of these.

  • In our program we teach you how to identify your body type.
  • Our calorie calculator automatically works out exactly how much calorie you need to be eating accurately for your body type and lifestyle.
  • Our body type macronutrient calculator automatically works out exactly how much of each protein, carbs and fats you need to be eating to hit your goal.
  • The appropriate diet plan will subsequently be selected and delivered for you to use immediately.
  • Our plan is complete. Now you can be your own nutritionist! You have covered all your basis for success.
  • What this means is that now you have the perfect plan designed for YOUR Specific Body Type which is GUARANTEED to work.
  • You can even help your friends and work out for them, how much calories they need and what macros fits in with their body type!

How is our program different and why is it so effective?

  • The key to fat/weight loss is knowing your body type and eat the right macros and calories. Now the power is in your hands to calculate the exact calories and macros required for your goals, the backbone to fat/weight loss success. No more guesswork!
  • The very formulas we use for our successful clients who pays us thousands at a time to coach and provide them with their customized diets. This is NOT a 'one size fits all' approach.
  • These formulas are not just theory, they have been used in the real world and have been tried, tested and refined over the years to work effectively for the various body type categories, from sedentary to fitness athletes.
  • So simple anyone can use it. If you have used a computer before then you can use it. Just plug in the figures and it does it all for you! You’ll be surprised just how easy it is.
  • Now you have the exact training routines and diet plans that we have used to build many successful physiques - from beginners who has never touched a dumbbell in their lives to fitness & physique champions. Here you have the keys you need to slim down or get shredded and build muscle or get strong!
  • No fad quick fix diets here! Only healthy and balanced.
  • Catered for all body types – Tells you how to find out what body type you are.
  • You have all our support - I will personally be on hand to answer any of your questions by email.

What do you get for your money? We believe in great value for money so here's all the GOLD you're going to get:

#1: 3-Phase Lean Muscle Building Program

Twenty weeks periodised training program in three different phases. Start with basic conditioning and transition into our Advanced Mass & Strength Program in just 20 weeks.

Transform your body with our tried and true Lean Mass & Strength Building Program.

Price = $118

Fat Loss Metabolic

#2: Novice to Advanced Fat Loss & Metabolic Conditioning Program

12 weeks training program in three different levels - Novice, Intermediate & Advance. Transform your body by blasting fat and conditioning your cardio in our ever popular Fat Loss Programs.

Price = $118

Abs & Core

#3: Abdominals & Core Training Program

Build a rock solid core and 6 Pack Abs with this Program.

Novice to Advanced Ab & Core exercises.

Get rock a solid core and chiseled abs.

Price = $39


#4: 7 Day Fat Loss Lean Mass & Mass Gain Diet Plan

Detailed periodised 7 day diet plan. Eat your way lean with our easy to follow 'Body Type' specific diet plans.

OR choose our Mass Gain Body Type diet plan to gain some serious mass.

Price = $198

                        Type Calorie Calc

#5: Body Type Calorie Calculator

Our auto calculator, accurately calculates your daily calorie requirements based on your Fat Loss or Mass Gain goal for every body type.

Price = $57


#6: Body Type Macronutrient Calculator

Our auto calculator, accurately calculates your daily macro nutrient ratios based on your Fat Loss or Mass Gain goal for each body type so you know exactly how much Protein, Fats and Carbs to eat. They key to optimal results!

Price = $57

Supplement Plan

#7: Supplementation Plan

Supplements list that is most effective for your individual goal/s.

Price = $19


#8: Unlimited Email Support

Unlike other products out there, we won't just sell you and ditch you! We know how important it is to have accountability and support. We are committed to support and mentor you the entire way along your fitness journey.

We will be on hand to all your questions and concerns you have have by email within 24 hours.

Price = $10/Mth


    When you get our main program above we'll throw in a TON of Bonuses for you to download immediately for FREE!

    Bonus 1 - Secrets to Weight Loss & Flat Abs eBook
    Price: $19
    • Learn all the secrets of fat loss!
    • Why people fail to lose weight and how to break free from that.
    • What you NEED to know in order to lose weight successfully.
    • Exercises that are most effective for fat burn.
    • Fat Burning Superfoods to include in your diet.

    Bonus 2 - Self Myofascial Release eBook
    Price: $19
    SMR eBook
    • Practical guide to soft tissue massage.
    • Learn the methods of foam rolling.
    • How you can improve your flexibility and mobility.
    • How you can lower the risk of injury and improve your sports performance.
    • 'How-to' guide with pictures and videos.

    Bonus 3 - Static Stretching eBook
    Price: $19
    Flexibility ebook

    • Practical guide to static stretching.
    • How to improve your flexibility.
    • How to increase your range of motion.
    • 'How-to' guide with photos and instructions.

    Bonus 4 - 3 Part eCourse: Part I -
    Price: $14               The Mind-Body Connection

    Part I - The
                          Mind-Body Connection
    • Train to become lean, healthy & sexy!
    • Part I - 'The Mind-Body Connection'. Learn the psychology behind getting an awesome physique and go from making none/small progress to huge noticeable progress.
    • Control your mind to gain full control of your body.

    Bonus 5 - 3 Part eCourse: Part II -
    Price: $19               The Weight Room

                          II - The Training Room
    • Part II - 'The Weight Room'.
    • How to train for success and progress like an unstoppable freight train.
    • Train the way the pros do.
    • Strategies to break plateaus keeping you static and move onto new heights with your new gains.

    Bonus 6 - 3 Part eCourse: Part III -
    Price: $19               Nutrition - The Missing Link

    • Part III - 'Nutrition - The Missing Link'.
    • Learn the true principles of healthy & aesthetic nutrition.
    • Techniques you can implement immediately to improve your physique 5 fold.
    • How to go from lean to ripped, like the pros do.



Get The Entire SMA3 System Today

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    "I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of my clients who have achieved so much with their transformations and has enabled me to do what I love, to the best of my ability, giving me a great deal of job satisfaction helping others and have inspired me to be my best, on top of my game in order to help and change more lives.


    Steven - CPT, Pn1.

    " I began feeling at my lowest, unhappy with my body image and general fitness, contributed by a stressful work/life balance. This program taught me the benefits of weight lifting, removing the stigma of girls in the gym. I now love doing squats and bench, and after a hard day.

    I've also been taught the importance of having good nutrition. Steve completely revamped my diet, incorporating a high protein/low carb approach. I'm feeling so much happier and healthier, with my confidence increasing every session!

    Scarlett Recruitment

"I read Steve’s profile was impressed with what I read and how he had transformed his own body he is one of the few trainers I saw that was genuinely passionate about his clients goals and not about earning money.
I decided to take the plunge and seek his guidance on exercise and specifically diet which I was largely ignorant of…Best decision ever made!!
I have been following closely his diet and training schedules and we achieved exactly what he said I would. All in the space of just over six months.
In the initial phase I bulked to gain 5kg of muscle!! Following that I have been through my first cutting phase and lost 8% body fat!!! This is just one cycle and I am aiming to achieve even greater gains with lower body fat in the near future.
My recommendation, take the plunge he really knows what he is talking about and will make a difference to your goals!

Statestreet Bank

"After 2.5 months of training and dieting I have lost 2.5 stone along with over 6% of fat, and loads of inches! Other benefits are that I feel healthier and my posture has improved!

Steve knows how to get the best out of you when you don't think there is anything left to give! I cannot recommend Steve highly enough! If you are prepared to do as he says and work at it, then you can get where you want to be!

True Associates


Get The Entire SMA3 System Today

For A Single Secure Payment Of  Only

$735  $67  $37

"I would just like to say thank you for all the help you gave me during my recent 8 week body transformation. The process was hard to say the least and without having someone pushing me hard in the gym and out of the gym, I dont think I could have achieved so much in such a short space of time as I lost 9% bodyfat and gained 17Lbs of muscle! Such a short time to achieve so much is not for the faint hearted, but I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about achieving their goals to use your services as a priority before they even attempt starting out the long and hard journey by themselves."

Fit For life Nutrition

"In the beginning I was a whopping 22% body fat. After training with Steven I am now a mere 11.4%! Only through Steven's tailor made training programs, detailed nutrition plans and expert advice was this possible!

With Steven's help and support, I have seen fantastic results in muscle gain, fat loss and overall shape and posture. Steven has helped me to literally turn my life around in terms of health and wellbeing and a much better body. Choosing Steven as my trainer is one of the
best life decisions I have ever made.


"After returning from a family Holiday and looking at the photos, I decided that I needed a change.  A friend recommended Steve to me and I have not looked back since.  Steve has completed changed my diet and exercise regime which I feel will be easy to maintain.

I now feel like I have more energy as well as looking good having gone from 21.5% body fat down to 13%.

Simply things like playing football in the park with boy are now a lot easier and much more fun.

I would highly recommend Steve due to his knowledge and enthusiasm, without his guidance I would of not been able to loose the body fat without his help

Viliamko Builders Ltd

"In total I've lost over 16Lbs in bodyfat alone! I went from size 10 down to size 6! I never knew that there was a petite body inside me all along with all that bodyfat on top! Hands down, I will recommend training with Steven, and use this programs. Steven is very passionate about fitness and this shows when he delivers."

Equinox Club

    Here are all of the products that you will get INSTANT ACCESS to *


* Note that no products would actually be shipped. All products are in electronic format available for immediate download.




Get The Entire SMA3 System Today

For A Single Secure Payment Of  Only

$735  $67  $37



    Key in your details in our Body Type Calorie Calculator. Our Calculator will automatically work out your daily calorie requirements according to your specific body type that is in line with your goal.

    Refer to our Macronutrient Calculator. Our Macronutrient calc will work out exactly how much carbs, protein and fats to have each day in order to reach your goal.

    Send us your results from our calculators. The appropriate 7 day diet plan designed for your body type will be emailed to you to use immediately!

    Follow our dietary & supplement guidelines on the plan. Golden rules to follow, what supplements to take for your goal and when to take them.

    Train like a beast by following our training program. Follow our training program as prescribed and start making gains!

    Read our bonus eBooks. Read our supplemental eBooks to equip you all the knowledge that you need to help you reach your goal/s.

    Be consistent! Follow our program consistently for 12 weeks straight and watch your progress soar to new heights!

    Enjoy your new found physique! You have worked so hard for it, now its time to unveil your true physique and enjoy it in the sun!

    Take Advantage Of Our 90 Day Guarantee And Experience The Power Of Our

    SMA3 Workout SystemTM

    I have used this very program with many of my clients and gotten results beyond all of their expectations. You WILL also achieve amazing results if you follow our program the way its intended.*

    We are so confident that you WILL get results with our program that we put our money where our mouth is!

    If having followed the program exactly as prescribed for the full 90 days and you don't get any result, we don't want your money and will give you a FULL refund!

    All the risk is entirely on us, not on you! You have nothing to lose!

    * Note that HARD WORK is required here. This program is NOT a FAD workout or diet and WILL require that you put in the time and consistent effort required in order to get the results you want.

    Vitality, Confidence and a hot body that you'll love to keep for many many YEARS to come

    Investing in the SMA3 System and BodyType Based Diet isn't just about losing the 10, 30 or 50 pounds. Its a lifestyle. Its a system you can use as a reference time and again.

    It is a system that would get you there quickly and is sustainable, enabling you to maintain your new lean body weight.

    Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the product for 90 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me

    Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:

    • 3 Phase Lean Muscle Building Program.
    • Novice to Advanced Fat Loss & Metabolic Conditioning Program.
    • Abdominals & Core Training Program.
    • 7 Day Fat Loss Lean Mass OR Mass Gain Diet Plan.
    • Body Type Calorie Calculator.
    • Body Type Macronutrient Calculator.
    • Supplementation List.
    • Unlimited email support for 90 days.
    • Bonus 1 - Secrets To Weight Loss & Flat Abs eBook.
    • Bonus 2 - Self Myofascial Release eBook.
    • Bonus 3 - Static Stretching eBook.
    • Bonus 4 - 3 Part e-Course: The Mind-Body Connection
    • Bonus 5 - 3 Part e-Course: The Weight Room - In the Pain Zone
    • Bonus 6 - 3 Part e-Course: Nutrition - The Missing Link




    Get The Entire SMA3 System Today

    For A Single Secure Payment Of  Only

    $735  $67  $37



    We won't just sell you and ditch you! Let us know if you have any questions or issues! We're here to support you all the way!

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