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During my pre-teen years I struggled to maintain my weight as I was not really interested in food. I was frail and skinny, almost anorexic, an ‘ectomorph’ in body type (a system known as somatotyping that categorizses ones body type; an ectomorph is always thin in torso and limbs, carry little bodyfat or muscle), and seemed to be always in ill health. I was a ‘hard gainer’. Coming from the eastern part of the world I did not live in a society where fitness was considered a priority. At the age of 13, my luggage was pretty much packed for me without my consent and I was ‘shipped’ over to the big bad western world – the UK; to further my academic qualifications. This was completely new to me. The very first time I travelled anywhere away from local shores, I was thrown into new surroundings, a new culture and language. Email was scarce and at an infancy, snail mail did not inspire existing long distant friendships for too long. I was losing friends back home and adjusting to my new life was a trying and character building task. My whole world was falling apart, I had wished the ground would open and swallow me up so many times over.

Fast forwarding to college. I decided to do something about my frailty and started to train in college gyms and subsequently, gyms local to my university, YMCA and many other public chain and private gyms. My priority was to ‘get big’ just like any other wannabes at the time, except I was·one of the few·left standing a long while after others had dropped out. Since then I have seen many ‘wannabes’ come and go. Having been approached by many people from all walks of life during my ‘gym time’ requesting to train with me in my quest to ‘get big’ at the time and subsequently, as I got older and wiser, to get fit and healthy; has seen me spotting and motivating ‘trainees’ from the average skinny geek to the overweight lump who can barely walk up a small flight of stairs; to the competing bodybuilder.

My family were not blessed with the ‘big gene’, in fact quite the opposite, so I had to defy the laws and prove that anything can be done if you are willing to put your mind, body and soul to it. Although I have achieved the physique that I wanted long ago, I found myself not prejudiced towards those who need ‘special attention’ in the exercise department. I had been there, knew what it was like and could relate to them. I trained with every ‘nerd’ like I did with every hardcore bodybuilder, happy to share my experience and knowledge. Having achieved my own goals and seen that others can achieve theirs and what it meant to them gave me a lot of satisfaction. I realised that this was my passion and pursued it by furthering my studies in the field of health and fitness. Here I am now a certified personal trainer, at your service. I have been there and know what it takes to get there. If I can do it, so can you, so let me share my wealth of knowledge and experience with you to help you build a better and healthier body, and to make the difference in this life-long invaluable achievement.

Getting you the results that you want is my priority and focus which I will no doubt help you to achieve. This is my mission.


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