Are you thinking about taking your physique to a new level? Bringing to the stage and show the world your true potential?

This challenge is much about the mind as it is about the body. Probably one of the toughest challenges you will ever face in life where you will discover a lot about yourself. I can help you prepare your physique to the best that you can be so you present your best self on stage.

Your competition nutrition prep is also paramount. You will be coached on all aspects of nutrition from dieting down to the lowest body fat you have ever been, manipulating micro and macronutrients, supplemention plan, nutrient timing, hydration prep and more.


Here is one of our clients taking home four trophies in her debut fitness contest.

Read about her testimonial here





 Agata-champ         Agy-wbff
Right Red ArrowFitness Model Champion 2014Right Red ArrowWBFF Pro-Am European Diva Fitness Over 35s Champion 2015
Right Red ArrowMuscle Model Champion 2014Right Red ArrowWBFF Pro-Am European Diva Fitness 2nd Place 2015
Right Red ArrowOverall Fitness Model Champion 2014Right Red ArrowWBFF Pro-Am European Diva Ftiness Best Theme Wear 2015
Right Red ArrowBest Theme Wear 2014  



Right Red Arrow 121 Training Sessions – Intensive hour long training session targeting the problem areas to give you a balanced physique 
Right Red ArrowTraining Plan – Detailed weights and cardio weekly training plan
Right Red ArrowNutrition Plan – Detailed customised nutrition plan with macro breakdown & timing, deployed in several phases leading up to the comp 
Right Red ArrowSupplement Plan – Full Supplement protocols for your entire prep needs 
Right Red ArrowPeak Week Plan – 10 days leading up to show day, daily plan of all the above to get you to the leanest, dryest and best shape of your life
Right Red ArrowBody Comp Check-in – Body fat measurements, performance feeback & progress check to ensure you’re on target
Right Red ArrowMessaging Support – On hand to answer any questions/concerns so you know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going


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Custom packages are available upon request.

Training sessions are conducted at our gym onsite in London, E14. Training in other locations are subject to extra commuting time and costs. Please enquire for further info.