In the 20+ years since embarking on my training journey, staying fit, young and healthy has become a lifestyle for me, I can’thelp but notice the masses of people who train without any kind of training plan or programme. Despite the fact that I have been training for all these years, I’m still using and will continue to use a carefully planned and appropriately structured training programme that is specific for my goals. Training without a plan/programme is like driving to a new destination without any map, knowledge or guidance.

It may take you a lot of trial and error and a long time to ‘listen’ to your body to see if a workout will work for you or not, and so you may eventually get there with a lot of time wasted and pain; or you may not get there at all and wonder why all the hard work that you have put in is not working for you. Fact is the majority of people, who whether working out casually or seriously, do so without any kind training programme or they follow a programme seen in the magazines designed for the entire general public that may be of good use for some but a hindrance for others. More often than not, their workout is pretty much identical each time they visit the gym. They think if they put in more effort and keep plugging at it they will get there eventually but the reality is that they may eventually burn themselves out or overtrain, doing more harm than good.

Is this you?

The fact of the matter is our bodies have been designed to adapt to anything nature throws at it. And it will try its very best to do it as quickly as it possibly can. Once your body has adapted, it is no longer a ‘challenge’ and it needs a new ‘stimulus’ in order to progress. Similarly to learning a new skill, once mastered, you need a new and more advanced skill in order to improve.

The training programme that I design is unique and personal to you in achieving your specific goal/s. Not only is exercise selection of obvious importance; the order of exercise execution, the intensities and volume (ie., number of sets and reps), rest periods and the tempo to perform each exercise in, all play a crucial part and has a direct relation to the results that you get! Every exercise is carefully picked out to compliment one another in order to maximise their effectiveness. There is a lot more to programme design than people may think. The programme is progressive to ensure that you build a solid foundation at each stage prior to advancing you to more challenging programme at the appropriate time. Your progress is monitored in detail (I keep a detailed workout log) to ensure that you do not stagnate or plateau in any areas of your training, for progress review and to ensure that you do not overtrain, as overtraining would have a negative impact on your health. You will be progressed every step of the way as quickly and as safely as possible. Your programme is periodised (forward planned in weeks and months ahead), advancing you up in phases when you are ready. This may involve the use of different training principles in the phases that is appropriate and in line with your goals.

The only way to guarantee that you are training efficiently and effectively in order to achieve your goals is to get a fully structured personalised programme. Get yours now by registering here or you can contact me directly here to arrange an appointment.