Founder of SW Fitness – CPT, Pn1


I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of my clients who have achieved so much with their transformations and has enabled me to do what I love, to the best of my ability, giving me a great deal of job satisfaction helping others and have inspired me to be my best, on top of my game in order to help and change more lives.






I’ve always been active. Started to dance when I was 10, then became a dance teacher and fitness instructor when I was about 20. I met Steven about 10 years ago and he opened my eyes to the fact that although I’ve been spending so many hours in the gym, my body and fitness level haven’t progressed in years. A lot of it due to the fact that all my training was cardio. It was then when Steve introduced a moderate weight training to my fitness plan and composed a balanced diet which included more protein less carbs to support a steady fat loss.

6 months ago I decided to take my body from fitness person to an athlete. I decided to compete in a natural body building bikini competition. Nice body wasn’t quite enough for that. I needed a PERFECT BODY and do trust me, that isn’t so easily to get! I couldn’t do it on my own as despite being a fitness professional for 15 years I didn’t think I knew enough to take my body any further myself. I needed someone with a hell of a lot more knowledge, experience and patience. Also someone I could trust as a young woman going into bodybuilding I wanted to look more muscular yet feminine and sexy! I know many personal trainers but decided to ask Steven for help and he said yes!     

Steven rebuilt my training and composed a very personalized diet for me. We reset the goals and set stages to my transformation. The journey was emotional, hard training, tough diet but Steven has been there for me all the way through believing I could do it! 6 months later and 4 trophies later here I am. A Miami Pro UK Fitness Model Champion, Miami Pro UK Muscle Model Champion and The Best Butt reward too 😉

Steven, we’ve done it!  It’s been an emotional journey but it was worth it! Thank you and look forward to working with you again at my next fitness contest.





After years of going to the gym but not seeing much progress, I decided to start Personal Training with Steven on the recommendation of a friend. What a great decision! Steven is a great motivator and trainer, keeping each session fresh and well balanced. I saw almost immediate change in my body – much better than if I was training on my own. Steven took the time to understand my goals and even provided me with a diet plan to make sure that I’m eating properly.

Thanks Steven!




True Associates

I had been to Steve before and gotten major results, but since then I had allowed myself to “let it all hang out”

I knew if I wanted to achieve the results I wanted I needed to go back to Steve.

After 2.5 months of training and dieting I have lost 2.5 stone along with over 6% of fat, and loads of inches! Other benefits are that I feel healthier and my posture has improved!

Steve knows how to get the best out of you when you don’t think there is anything left to give! I cannot recommend Steve highly enough! If you are prepared to do as he says and work at it, then you can get where you want to be!





I have always been an active person and regularly went to the gym, but never seemed to get the results I wanted and moving into my 30s, I decided to take action and started Personal Training with Steven. It was really important for me to train with someone, who challenged me and had the experience and intelligence to help me achieve my goals which Steven has.

Steven has totally tailored my training sessions, to my individual needs, changing the routines regularly so that I have never got bored or lost motivation. My body shape has changed and I have had a huge increase in energy levels. Steven is an excellent trainer with just the right amount of motivation & challenge. He has an appreciation for the modern world of instant gratification, mixed with knowledge of the natural world and nutritional advice and general lifestyle tips.

I would recommend anyone to train with Steven, he has a focused and motivational disposition which makes him a pleasure to train with (even when I am cursing him during circuits!).

A fantastic investment that is worth every penny!




Close Asset Finance

I have always been a sickly weak child suffering from various ailments amongst which is weight management. I have also always been very active in sporting activities. Many a times I have suffered sports injuries and I never cared too much bout living a healthy lifestyle.

As I move along the age brackets, I found that keeping up a healthy lifestyle is of vital importance. I decided to join the gym a little while back though I have never been a fan of the gym. I found it difficult to motivate myself and craved for a leaner body.

Steven approached me while I was at the gym and explained the benefits of engaging in personal training. He tailored my training according to my ever changing objectives. I have seen positive change not only in my body but my health as well at a very rapid rate. The rehab he planned for me has now enabled me to pick up some of my previous sporting interests. His patience with my moaning and groaning and ability to keep me motivated should win him an award!





After having spent the last few years enjoying my food and carefree lifestyle I finally decided it was time to get fit and lose some weight. The carefree years had taken their toll on both my shape, which was bordering on size 14 and my fitness (gasping for air as you get to the top of the station stairs is not a good thing). Being fairly short, I was beginning to look like an out of breath swiss ball on legs!

I started training a year ago at a local gym and quickly managed to lose a few pounds (enough to get me into the size 12 zone). My fitness levels improved vastly over the year and although I knew this was an excellent improvement for me I still wasn’t happy with my shape or weight which both remained static throughout the year after the initial small weight loss. I was of the belief that if I exercised regularly my eating habits didn’t need to change really as I was expending more energy!

It wasn’t until my husband started training with Steven that I realised how wrong I was! Steven put my husband on a diet and training plan and within 4 weeks I noticed a huge difference in his weight and shape. Feeling intensely jealous of his success I also signed up with Steven in February this year. Steven’s approach to training is unique – he took the time to listen and understand the goals I wanted to reach and tailored a diet and training plan to suit me. He took initial measurements and set 6 week targets with measurements taken every 2 weeks to monitor my progress. Steven was spot on with his plan which I followed to the letter. Every 2 weeks I was seeing a drop in weight and my shape was changing – I actually had a waist!! Steven is a brilliant motivator and his training exercises are varied, interesting and hard work! He gets you to push yourself to your potential and thena little more but the results are worth every drop of sweat and determination.

Within 12 weeks of training with Steven I have dropped to a size 8/10…I can wear figure hugging clothes and look good in them but most of all I’ve had a massive confidence boost and am proud of my body shape and my muscle tone! Thank you Steven!!!…cant wait to show off my new shape and size this Summer!




University of East London Student


The drive of passion makes one achieve the ultimate.

Steven is a fireball spritzing out positive energy to awaken the conscience of respecting our beautiful human body.

The adjectives I choose to describe Steven:

Tiresome Training….
Enlightenment….in the mastery of the mind over body
Visionary in healthfulness…
Everlasting fitness…
Never say I Can Not…

The serious commitment put into the programme by Steven is marvellous.

His workouts are unbelievable. He programmes the routines in such a way that you can never get bored of it. It’s always something innovative or breaking your previous record… making you feel like….Did I Just Do That !!!

We all know that, We are what we eat….. And so Steven’s workouts make you think twice before you hit the fridge for a midnight snack…….

The part that I hate the most is cooking….. Taking into account that I am a vegan…..Steven prepared a balanced diet programme which included recipes… that made my life easy and my taste buds tingling with joy….

Once you’re Steven’s client there’s no looking back…. Your fitness results will say it all…..




International Security Consultants


I have trained with Steven for the past 5 months. Having previously trained with a number of personal trainers, I have no hesitation in recommending Steven as the best trainer I have worked with. I am continuously challenged and I regularly set new personal bests. My overall fitness has improved, I have gained muscle mass and my body fat has reduced by 9%. My strength has increased significantly. Sessions are always interesting and varied and Steven constantly watches and corrects my form.

Steven is extremely energetic, enthusiastic and his knowledge in nutrition, training and lifestyle is unsurpassed. I have meal plans prepared for me that I follow which are both varied and easy to maintain during a normal working week. I have my measurements and progress monitored very regularly. Every session I am pushed to my limit but it is fun; and importantly, if you follow instruction you will achieve and exceed your goals.




Glass Door Solutions Ltd

May 2011. Having never set foot inside a gym before – and being only 18 months away from my 50th birthday – it was time to do something.

Fast forward five months. I’ve just finished my 39 session course with Steve, I’ve also run a Credit Suisse 10k Challenge, I start fencing lessons in a few weeks and I’ve signed up for swimming lessons (well you have to able to swim if you want to do a Triathlon!)

I have to ‘blame’ Steve for this, it is all of his ‘fault’ Why? Well, I couldn’t have done it without him. I recently completed a Muscle Toning and Body Sculpting course with Steve. His interest, knowledge and enthusiasm on all aspects of a keep fit/live healthy lifestyle is second to none. He knows exactly when to push you and how hard to push you. When you’re taught by such a professional you can’t fail to succeed. As a result I’m in the best health I’ve ever been and I’m now looking the best I’ve ever looked in my life which is a great confidence boost.

I’ve never known anyone with such a positive attitude to life as Steve… it can’t help but rub off on you. It did with me and though I am now 5 months closer to being 50 I’m ready to take on the whole world!

Thanks Steve.






Even after training regularly for years I could never manage to look toned and feel healthy, but this changed since I started training with Steven.

The first time Steven and I discussed my fitness goals, he not only asked me about my training and diet history but made sure he knew enough to customize my diet plan and work out regime to my daily routine.

Steven made me realize how essential it is to maintain a good balance between diet and exercise and that both go hand in hand. He has helped me totally change my attitude to food, and along with the exercise this has enabled me to do so well so quickly. I now really look forward to eating healthy and fresh food which aides in fat burning and building muscle. There is definitely no starving with Steven’s diet plan. 

Usually girls run away from weights thinking they would get huge guns. I DON’T, in fact I love weights now which is the secret to my toned arms. Every session with Steven is a different routine which makes it fun. He focuses on each body part with combination exercises and makes sure I do each of them with the right technique. Some times I feel he is the Head master you despised when in school but appreciate when you see your report card!

In total I’ve lost over 16Lbs in bodyfat alone! I went from size 10 down to size 6! I never knew that there was a petite body inside me all along with all that bodyfat on me! Hands down, I will recommend training with Steven, he is not just another bulked up trainer in the gym. Steven is very passionate about fitness and this shows when he delivers.



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e-Synergy Solutions

I am delighted to give Steve Wong a reference for his work as a personal trainer. I have been training with him for 5+ years and he has been amazing throughout.

Before I started training with Steve, I considered my level of training and nutritional knowledge to be pretty decent but having a good PT meant much bigger gains in both fitness and knowledge.

Steve has personally been through every routine, diet & protein shake before making me do it so has personal first hand experience which I think sets him apart from the rest of the PT field.

Steve has helped me reach numerous personal goals including getting my body fat down to 10% and making me much fitter, leaner and stronger. He has kept me motivated and helped me work to specific goals of fitness and nutritional knowledge.

I would not hesitate to recommend him although once you start you may well get addicted to an expensive habit like I did!

If you are keen to change your body shape, increase your fitness or just understand nutrition better then steve is your man. Happy to take a call if this has not convinced you he is the man!





Fit For Life Nutrition


I would just like to say thank you for all the help you gave me during my recent 8 week body transformation. The process was hard to say the least and without having someone pushing me hard in the gym and out of the gym, I dont think I could have achieved so much in such a short space of time as I lost 9% bodyfat and gained 17Lbs of muscle! Such a short time to achieve so much is not for the faint hearted, but I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about achieving their goals to use your services as a priority before they even attempt starting out the long and hard journey by themselves.

Thank again Steve!





Scarlett Recruitment


I started my time with Steve only 3 months ago. I began feeling at my lowest, unhappy with my body image and general fitness, contributed by a stressful work/life balance. However, with Steve, he was not only an excellent personal trainer, but a great friend too. I find every session pushes me to my limits, but with Steve’s constant enthusiasm and professional attitude, I always dig deep and get my pump on.

Steve taught me the benefits of weight lifting, removing the stigma of girls in the gym. I now love doing squats and bench, and after a hard day, I love it when he puts on the pads and lets me get that pure aggro out :)))

I’ve also been taught the importance of having good nutrition. Steve completely revamped my diet, incorporating a high protein/low carb approach. I’m feeling so much happier and healthier, with my confidence increasing every session. I feel I still have work left to do on my body, and unfortunately I will be leaving the country, but Steve has given me the tools and the confidence to train myself to the place I want to get to. I will miss him as the best PT and friend I could have. Cheers Steve!







In the beginning I was a whopping 22% body fat. After training with Steven I am now a mere 11.4%! Only through Steven’s tailor made training programs, detailed nutrition plans and expert advice was this possible!

With Steven’s help and support, I have seen fantastic results in muscle gain, fat loss and overall shape and posture. Steven has helped me to literally turn my life around in terms of health and wellbeing and a much better body. Choosing Steven as my trainer is one of the
best life decisions I have ever made.


Thanks Steven!





Statestreet Bank


Before I met Steve I was what you call a gym plodder been working out for years with moderate gains at first but then very little happening, if anything gaining weight in all the wrong places. I knew a little about good foods but was largely ignorant and in a rut. I wanted to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat but wasn’t sure how and at 44years old not an easy task.
I read Steve’s profile was impressed with what I read and how he had transformed his own body he is one of the few trainers I saw that was genuinely passionate about his clients goals and not about earning money.
I decided to take the plunge and seek his guidance on exercise and specifically diet which I was largely ignorant of…Best decision ever made!!
I have been following closely his diet and training schedules and we achieved exactly what he said I would. All in the space of just over six months.
In the initial phase I bulked to gain 5kg of muscle!! Following that I have been through my first cutting phase and lost 8% body fat!!! This is just one cycle and I am aiming to achieve even greater gains with lower body fat in the near future.
My recommendation, take the plunge he really knows what he is talking about and will make a difference to your goals!





Viliamko Builders Ltd


After returning from a family Holiday and looking at the photos, I decided that I needed a change.  A friend recommended Steve to me and I have not looked back since.  Steve has completed changed my diet and exercise regime which I feel will be easy to maintain.

I now feel like I have more energy as well as looking good having gone from 21.5% body fat down to 13%.

Simply things like playing football in the park with boy are now a lot easier and much more fun.

I would highly recommend Steve due to his knowledge and enthusiasm, without his guidance I would of not been able to loose the body fat without his help ..






Eight months ago I took the brave – and what seemed like an impossible – decision to do something about my failing physical health. I have been on a crutch for 4.5 years because of a weaker and a slightly shorter leg. Having put on an impossible amount of weight had also triggered the weakness of my muscles.

When I started with Steven Wong – I trained one day a week for 4 months in the beginning) I could barely stand still without holding on to something for support. I could not do any floor exercises because I couldn’t bend down and lower myself on to the floor (not to mention it was impossible to get up again). If I went out for an hour in the evening after work, there was no way I could get up and go to work the next morning, I had to sleep in and let the faitgue were off. I coudlnt even carry the basic groceries of milk and bread home without someone helping me. I had no faith in my body – and I ought to mention not even on Steven as I couldn’t imagine what he could possibly help me with. My body was so weak and muscles so damaged. Perhaps manage a 30 min slow walk on the treadmill is what I was thinking in my mind.

Steven has guided me through impossible tasks where I couldn’t even lift easy dumbbells at the time. He helped me sort out my diet and encouraged me to continue with his step by step guidance into working with the muscles of my legs and upper arms. At that point I used to find it difficult to shampoo my own hair, my hand muscles felt that useless and week.

On Oct 30, about 4 months into training ( having taken 2 weeks off in between too) I decided to try and give up my crutch. It was frightening, but manageable. I began to progress to floor exercises to some extent. I lost about 8 kgs. I was finding movement in parts of my body I had never seen before.

8 months later, I have now been without my crutch without a single incidence for 4 months now. I can lift 20 kgs of weight if I am holding it right. My gait has improved so much now that I can twist my upper body left or right without any fear of falling now. I can almost squat now without toppling over.

I can walk a few kilometres now without crashing. I feel human again. Last weekend I moved all heavy boxes in my flat that had been sitting waiting to be sorted since the 2 years I have moved into the place. They have been opened, unloaded and put away safely again, without me crashing. And I was back in the gym next morning fresh and ready for my session.

While I am not ready to run a marathon, I can do my grocery shopping by myself these days. I can unload all the books fro my bookshelves dust them and replace them without taking to my bed. I walk for 30 mins every day at lunch time without any problem at all. My muscles are toned, I look and have shaped up better (I have gone down one dress size and am toned down) and the best thing of all I feel stronger. I can cope with my day to day life without resorting to help. It has been an amazing journey.

What can I say, I was born with muscle problems but if my trainer knows how to help me despite that- I don’t know how to thank him. It has been an amazing journey that I will continue. My control over my own body has just begun and I am looking forward to many more happy and easy ‘movements’ ! thank you Steven!








Been a martial artist for a few years and wanted to build more strength and size to add to my training. Was not hard to choose Steven as my personal trainer. He is very knowledgable, a great motivator and most importantly he has been there and done it for himself. Too many PT out there these days who do not look the deal and in my opinion not inspiring.

Be dedicated and have belief in yourself and Steven and you will be sure your goals will be met. Push yourself to your limits and always look to do better.

Now I am ready for the next level!