TRX suspension training is now available! Experience this versatile form of training that is guaranteed to give your entire body a total blast, melting off those pounds and takes your core strength to a new level!

If you are afraid of weights, fear not, this system uses your own bodyweight and still guarantees that you will work every muscle in your body! Whether your objective is to lose weight, improve on a specific sport, rehabilitation, performance oriented or whatever your goal is, the TRX system has a work out to meet every need. It is fun, challenging and the variety of exercises is practically unlimited.

Here, check out this video to get an idea of TRX training:



Due to the flexibility of the TRX system it is no longer a requirement to train in a gym. Training sessions can take place outdoors, i.e on a playground or in a park.

Book now and be on your way to getting that fit body you’ve been thinking about!

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