Topping of the list as the most consumed beverage in the world, there are a lot of coffee lovers out there!

Whether it is actually good for us or not, we drink it in gallons every year, giving it the benefit of the doubt.

So is it actually good for us? There are mixed reports and opinions on this. Some say when consumed in small amounts is good for you and others say that it gives us the temporary ‘highs’, followed by the dreaded ‘lows’, that makes it bad for us.


Well the truth is, it depends. I will explain it in the simplest form possible:


Coffee beans in itself contains antioxidants which is good for us. Antioxidants helps our body fight free radicals which causes cell damage. This leaves the caffeine, which is bad and can cause damage if left in our system for an extended period of time. How bad, depends on how quickly our body can process and get the caffeine out of our system.

The rate at which our body can process it depends on the type of enzyme we have in our body. There are two types of enzymes – fast and slow oxidizers. Our genetics detemines which type of enzymes we have.

In people with fast oxidizers, caffeine is good for them as it is cleared out of their body quickly leaving the good anti-oxidants behind.

In people with slow oxidizers, the caffeine is left behind for longer which can cause a negative outcome for their body.




So depending on our genetic makeup, coffee can be good for one person but damaging for another. This is where the confusion comes in. End of the day, having it in moderation is the best policy, as too much of a good thing, can turn bad.

Enjoy your next slow roast!



Stay Healthy & Strong,
Steven Wong – CPT, Pn1

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