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Just exactly how old is too old to get in shape? The prevailing thought nowadays is that most people after the age 50 (or even 40s) seem to just somehow justify to themselves that it is too late at their age to do anything about their fitness and give up without even trying. Post menopause women seem to think that it is no longer possible to look good in a bikini at their age. The good news is that it is never too late! There are women who are in their 50s and even 70s hitting it hard in the gym and enjoying better bodies than women half their age!

A brand new study from the University of Arizona, just published in Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise (July issue) found that weight lifting just 2-3 days a week not only helps you get lean – it helps prevent post menopausal weight gain in the first place!

Here’s Jack Lalanne known as ‘The Godfather of Fitness’ at the grand old age of 95, still pumping iron..


As the researchers explained:

The results of this analysis demonstrated that the frequency and volume of resistance training exercise predicted 6-yr changes in body weight and fat in postmenopausal women and supported the use of regular resistance training as a means of weight management.

This study is one of the first to show the association of resistance training and prevention of weight gain. In light of the positive effects of resistance training on bone mineral density, muscle function and lean mass and its potential for contributing to the prevention of osteoporosis and debilitating fractures, resistance training for weight loss and maintenance is a particularly attractive.

Merrill Matzinger, age 95 – does cardio, lifts weights and starts his daily workouts with 1,500 crunches (see video below).

All the doctors that have treated me can’t believe what they’re seeing, Matzinger said. That’s encouraging, to go to the doctor and have compliments rather than prescriptions.

He is also legally blind but he hasn’t let that slow him down. Matzinger says he only remembers missing one workout in the last 20 years. He’s approaching the centenarian mark and his workout puts youngsters to shame!

Iron rules! At age 95!

Whatever you believe now is what you will become in the future. If you think you will be fit, strong and healthy, you are right. If you think you will be too old and stiff, weak and fat when you’re older, you’re also right!

Like a vehicle thats already in motion, its easier to stay in motion. Just like exercise, once you stop, its much harder to get moving again and requires substantial effort to resume your level of fitness. So make exercise a lifestyle, not a chore!

Live forever young!

Stay Healthy & Strong,
Steven Wong – CPT, Pn1

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