Ladies, want butt but worried about getting huge legs from all the leg work required?

It is no secret that in order to get a nice uplifted butt is to squat, squat and squat some more! So there is usually a lot of leg work involved as a result from doing squats and lunges. For those with skinny legs, they can get away with doing a lot of leg work and get a nice set of glutes without exploding their legs. However, those who have bigger than average legs may not wish to develop their legs any further but still want to work their glutes. So how do you work around about this catch-22 situation?

Here I have three exercises that you can put to use right away that works your glutes directly, without hitting much of your legs so you don’t have to worry about getting butch legs!


1. Weighted Glute Bridge

You often see people doing this exercise on the floor just on bodyweight alone. This may be fine for those with very weak glutes to start with and as such they need to learn how to ‘activate’ the glutes directly and learn to move through the full range of motion. For those who really want to firm up and/or develop their glutes, a load would be needed in order to provide adequate training effect on them. In this particuar exercise, you can usually push alot more weight than you think you are capable of. Using the smith machine is ideal for this as it can prove to be a bit challenging to get under a heavy bar if done on the floor. With the Smith machine the exact height can be adjusted to your liking, and once set, it is very easy to add or reduce the weight.


Tat-Glutes2       >      Tat-Glutes1


In order to get the full benefit of the exercises, rather than just moving back and forth, you want to focus on the quality of the movement by utilizing the full range of motion and activate the gluteus muscle by squeezing them at the top of the move. You want to exert maximum contraction at the peak of the concentric phase, causing the muscle to grow!

Note that these exercises compliments squats and lunges. They are not a direct replacement. Nothing beats squats and lunges for superior glute development.


2. Single Leg Smith Machine Kickbacks


3. Single Leg Cable Kickbacks


Stay Healthy & Strong,
Steven Wong – CPT, Pn1

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