SW Fitness Part1-MindBody


  • Wondering why you can never reach your fitness goals?


  • Something always seems to be tugging you backwards or holding you back? Learn what these are and you will be on your way to your fitter self in no time!


  • The common thing that all the people with little to zero results share. And those who inevitably gets results every time they set out to do.


  • Getting to the physique that you desire first requires this one crucial thing before anything else. Miss this out and you will never get there no matter what you do! I reveal what this is and how to apply it into your life.


  • Learn the mindsets of those who have come a long way and achieved the body that YOU desire.



SW fitness Part2-WeightRoom


  • I will reveal the right type of training that targets fat loss and muscle building to sculpt your body into the shape that you desire.


  • Training myths are dispelled. Find out what magazines are telling you wrong, learn the real facts and not false controversy that gives them the sales figures! Learn how you should REALLY be training to get REAL world results.


  • ‘Get a six pack in 6 weeks’?! Oh Really? Let me explain how long it actually takes..


  • HIIT vs Steady state cardio? Which is better? All becomes clear after you read this.


  • Find out what training strategies that works in synergy and can catapault your results!


  • How to combine different ‘styles’ and principles of training to compliment each other and multiply the effectiveness of your workout.



SW fitness Part3-Nutrition



  • Body-typing – How are body types affected by nutrition? How to eat for your specific body type and achieve the body that you want.


  • Training without the appropriate nutrition, is training in vein. This is regardless of any type of training that you do! I will reveal what you need to do to tailor your nutrition to your specific body type in order to get the true and long lasting results that you want. (this has never been revealed before!).


  • How to determine the most vital factor accurately in the design of your fat loss nutrition plan. Get this wrong and the plan becomes pretty much ineffective!


  • Pitfalls to avoid in order to make your nutrition plan much much more effective.


  • A simple formula that even fitness professionals are getting wrong as they miss out on this one vital element.


  • Find out why many fat loss nutrition plans are ineffective and what you need to do to get it spot on.


  • Explained step by step (nutritionist and/or personal trainers don’t want you to know this!), how to design an accurate nutrition plan that actually works. Calorie requirements, macronutrient ratios, food combinations, nutrient timing are all revealed! No fad diets here, just pure real world FACTS!


  • No fluff or beat about the bush! Just facts and figures from 100s of successfull clients that’s I’ve trained in the past from my 20+ years of experience. No internet hear-say, no ‘bro’ science, but years of real world invaluable experience all laid out like it is.


  • An interview of a success story who went from fat to fit and competing with the fittest physiques on the world stage!


  • We reveal the truth about supplement companies and what they want you to believe. We decipher the supplements that do actually work and those that you’re flushing your money down the toilet.

SW Fitness PartI-III


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