checkmarkRed  If you need to lose weight to get healthy or strip away remaining fat to look fantastic then you will love this program.

checkmarkRed  Complete fat burning program designed to melt away pounds of fat and inches off your waist!

checkmarkRed  Our program has been used successfully by hundreds of our clients to resolve their weight issues. You too can be transformed to look fantastic!

checkmarkRed  Tried and tested for its effectiveness, time and again with statistics and results to prove.

checkmarkRed  Designed for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. Male and Female.

checkmarkRed  Condition your cardio vascular efficiency, melt away fat and build muscle at the same time!

checkmarkRed  Fat Burning Diet Plan & Nutrition Guide – Now you can be your own nutritionist! We show you how to simply work out the required calories, macros, portioning etc.. Then all you have to do is follow the diet plan. You will have all you need to design the perfect diet!

checkmarkRed  Calorie Calculator – Just plug in your relevant measurements and our calc will work out all your stats for you and exactly how much you need to be eating each day!

checkmarkRed  Macronutrients Calculator – Our Body Type specific calculator will tailor the macronutrient ratios for your body type! No more guess work! No more sharing a plan with others of different body type or a generic plan that does not work. Now you have the right formula to succeed!

checkmarkRed  Supplement List – The A-list supplements you need to build lean mass and burn fat!

checkmarkRed  On-going email or Kik support.

checkmarkRed  Money Back Guarantee. Get results or your money back! – Use it for a full 90 days and if you follow everything and still not get any results, ask for your full refund!


You get everything you need to succeed in this program:




1Blue  Novice to Advanced Fat Loss Training Program & Metabolic Conditioning Program

12 weeks training program in three different levels – Novice, Intermediate & Advance. Transform your body by blasting fat and conditioning your cardio in our ever popular Fat Loss Programs.


Price = $118


#2: Abdominals & Core Program

Build a rock solid core and 6 Pack Abs with this Program.

Novice to Advanced Ab & Core exercises.

Get rock a solid core and chiselled abs.


Price = $39


#3: 7 Day Fat Loss Lean Mass & Mass Gain Diet Plan

Detailed periodized 7 day diet plan. Eat your way lean with our easy to follow ‘Body Type’ specific diet plans.

OR choose our Mass Gain Body Type diet plan to gain some serious mass.

Price = $198


#4: Body Type Calorie Calculator

Our auto calculator, accurately calculates your daily calorie requirements based on your Fat Loss or Mass Gain goal for your body type.

Price = $57


#5: Body Type Macronutrient Calculator

Our auto calculator, accurately calculates your daily macronutrient ratios based on your Fat Loss or Mass Gain goal for your body type so you know exactly how much Protein, fats and carbs to eat.

Price = $57


#6: Supplementation Plan

Supplements list that is most effective for your individual goal/s.

Price = $19


#7: Unlimited Access To Our Online PT Instruction Exercise  Library

Not sure of the exercise? Login to our members only portal to access our online exercise coaching library.

New exercises added weekly.

PC/Tablet/Android/iPhone/ipad Compatible.

Price = $10/Mth Free for 90 Days.


When you get our main program above we will also throw in these bonuses for FREE!

Bonus 1 – Secrets to Weight Loss & Flat Abs eBook
Price: $19
  • Learn all the secrets of fat loss!
  • Why people fail to lose weight and how to break free from that.
  • What you NEED to know in order to lose weight successfully.
  • Exercises that are most effective for fat burn.
  • Fat Burning Superfoods to include in your diet.

Bonus 2 – Self Myofascial Release eBook
Price: $19
  • Practical guide to soft tissue massage.
  • Learn the methods of foam rolling.
  • How you can improve your flexibility and mobility.
  • How you can lower the risk of injury and improve your sports performance.
  • ‘How-to’ guide with pictures and videos.

Bonus 3 – Static Stretching eBook
Price: $19

  • Practical guide to static stretching.
  • How to improve your flexibility.
  • How to increase your range of motion.
  • ‘How-to’ guide with photos and instructions.

Bonus 4 – 3 Part eCourse: Part I –
Price: $14               The Mind-Body Connection

  • Train to become lean, healthy & sexy!
  • Part I – ‘The Mind-Body Connection’. Learn the psychology behind getting an awesome physique and go from making none/small progress to huge noticeable progress.
  • Control your mind to gain full control of your body.

Bonus 5 – 3 Part eCourse: Part II –
Price: $19               The Weight Room
  • Part II – ‘The Weight Room’.
  • How to train for success and progress like an unstoppable freight train.
  • Train the way the pros do.
  • Strategies to break plateaus keeping you static and move onto new heights with your new gains.

Bonus 6 – 3 Part eCourse: Part III –
Price: $19               Nutrition – The Missing Link
  • Part III – ‘Nutrition – The Missing Link’.
  • Learn the true principles of healthy & aesthetic nutrition.
  • Techniques you can implement immediately to improve your physique 5 fold.
  • How to go from lean to ripped, like the pros do.