Train for success with the following training programmes that have been formulated from over 20 years of experience having worked with hundreds of clients.


Why should you choose this programme when compared to others?


Aside from the wealth of experience we have and the huge amount of results logged showing its effectiveness over the years with our clients, we have created this programme based on results and not on theory alone. These programmes and tried and true from the trenches.


Where most programme fail to address is the periodization training programming and nutrition. Without the right periodization your body would adapt and plateau, hidering your progress. Without the right nutrition, you would not make any progress no matter how hard you train, period. Most nutrition plans out there is what I term ‘blanket nutrition’. They do not address the difference in body types, lean body mass, individual metabolic rates, to name a few. So why would you follow a diet plan that is not designed specifically for you? That is like going to a clothing shop and just randomly buy some garments hoping they will fit!


The first thing in getting your nutrition right is to accurately determine how much calories you need for your goal/s, based on your individual body stats and body type. This is key!

The second key is the macronutrient ratios. This needs to be worked out based on your body type, lifestyle, activity levels etc.

‘Blanket off the shelf’ programmes assumes that we are all created equal and this is its downfall.


With our programmes YOU can determine what these key factors are from the get go. Our bespoke Calorie and Macronutrient Calculators will automatically work out what you need. All you have to do is plug in your details and the result will be laid out in front of you. Whats great is you can reuse it as much as you want so you can also do this for all your friends and help them too! Its yours to reuse over and over.


Your will get a detailed 7 day nutrition plan based on your calculated results. All you have to do is follow this day by day and watch you progress soar!


Use it for the full 90 days and if you are still not happy we will give you a full refund!


All programmes are tried and tested, from beginner to advance level, for both male and female, giving you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time possible.

checkmarkRed  All programmes are complete, detailing the type of exercise, repetitions, sets, reps, tempo and rest time.

checkmarkRed  Complete Nutrition Plan designed for your body type and your goal.

checkmarkRed  Supplementation mapped out to your goals.

checkmarkRed  Calorie Calculator – Now you can accurately calculate the exact amount of calories needed for your body type. This is key to succeeding!

checkmarkRed  Macronutrients Calculator – Know exactly how much protein, carbs and fats to eat for your body type. NO more gusswork. Vital if you want results!

checkmarkRed  Golden Rules – Do’s and Don’ts

checkmarkRed  Full ‘Member’s Only’ access to ‘How-To’ instructional exercise videos online. PC, Mac, IOS and Android compatible.

checkmarkRed  Continual email or Kik support – I’m here on hand to advice and mentor you throughout to ensure your success.

checkmarkRed  Six FREE Bonus eBooks included to help you with your success.

checkmarkRed  90 Days money back guarantee!


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