Are you finding it hard to loose weight? or more appropriately, bodyfat? Confused by huge number of fad diets that are out there and all the conflicting information of what works and what doesn’t? Perhaps you have been on many diets, and seem to be ‘yo-yoing’ as you go in and out of a diet? Or you may be trying to get rid of that last bit of stubborn fat that would not budge no matter how hard you train or diet? No matter what stage you are at now with your fat-loss attempts, we will decipher your current situation, and subsequently prescribe you with an easy to follow step-by-step approach that you can follow daily with your nutrition and training programme which would no doubt blast away the stubborn fat that you’ve been holding onto.


Training Programmes for Women


SW Fitness has a different approach to training its female clients. Unlike many other personal trainers and the fitness industry who promote the ‘thin is in’ generic body shape, we encourage our clients to work with the natural body shape they have, develop their strength and tone to create a body they are happy and confident with.
We understand that not all women are designed to be 6ft supermodels, nor should they be. We recognise the beauty in variety, and we want our female clients to retain their curves and use our personal training services as an investment in themselves and their overall wellbeing to become fitter, stronger and healthier.

Gymo-phobia-itis – A Severe Reaction to the Gym and Training!

Many of our female clients have never been to a gym or used weights to train and can be put off by going or taking their idea further. We have created a list of the top 6 reasons people are put off and the reasons why they are wrong.
1.   I’ll Have to Stop Eating Chocolate 😉
When training many women worry about being put on a restrictive diet which means they cannot have their ‘fun food’ like chocolate and cake.
Upon request we can provide a tailored diet plan for our clients to support a balanced nutritional diet and weight management. Our diet plans will require some changes to your diet but our aim to create a sustainable diet plan for you which allows you to have some of the things you like while trying to achieve your health goals.
2.   The Gym Will Bite!
If you have never been to the gym or have merely glanced across to the weights area where the buff men and women are sweating, grunting, and using the handheld weights and machines; it can all look rather intimidating, if not complicated.
Many of our clients come to us are using weights for the first time and we help them to understand that it ‘won’t bite’. We work with them to make them feel comfortable with their training and using the machines.
3.   I’m Too ….
A lot of women will have a number of reasons why they feel that cannot go the gym or see a personal trainer including they feel they are too fat, old, unfit, past it, creaky, tired, unconfident or self conscious.
We have a philosophy ‘it is not the place where you start your journey which counts; it is only where you finish’. All of our clients have achieved so much more than they thought possible so you should never think that you are ‘too anything’ that you should not start.
4.   Physical Makeup and Physical Conditions
Many female clients think that they cannot use the gym or engage in physical exercise for a number of personal and sensitive reasons including thinking they are too top heavy and will be asked to do jumping exercises, or have injuries and joint pain.
We work with each of our clients to develop a training session which they are physically capable of completing. There are many different ways of exercising which is especially important, for example, for ladies which are top heavy and need to strengthen their back muscles to offset recurring back pain, or those with joint problems who would benefit from strengthening the surrounding muscle areas.
5.   One Size Does Not Fit All
If you go into a gym, you will have selection of personal trainers to choose from. Some are great, and some less so, which use the same set of training exercises week in week out for all of their clients – regardless of gender, age, build and most importantly – the client goals.
We understand that all of our female clients have unique physical and mental training needs, which means that one size does not fit all. You will not be doing the same sets of exercises with lots and lots of cardio. Each session will be varied and when you are comfortable with what you are doing you can discuss with the trainer what you would like to concentrate on (cardio strength, tone, muscle strength etc) including those dreaded ‘problem areas’ and create a plan to achieve your goals.
6.   I’ll Only Be Doing…
Many women think personal training sessions are either – lots of cardio training (treadmill or cross trainer) or weights and they often do not want to do just those forms of training.
We understand that our clients enjoy different types of training methods and so we offer a range of training which extends to boxing, circuits, weights based cardio, TRX and body weight exercises.  


So, now you know you can eat some chocolate and the gym does not bite – we are waiting to work with you to achieve your goals.  We look forward to you contacting us so we can help to take the first step on the journey to a fitter and healthier you.