This new year 2015 we are launching our Nutrition Coaching Programme for advanced trainees, Athletes and Fitness Professionals.


Whether its to further your knowledge for your own nutrition appraisal, improve your sports specific performance or be better equipped in order to help your clients achieve their health and fitness goals, this is the programme for you.


Having worked with hundreds of clients with a wide variety of different levels and backgrounds, our strategies are tried and true. Together with world renowned Percision Nutrition’s science and evidence based principles, you can be sure that you’ll be well equip to deal with any nutritional requirements that you may come across.


We feel that there isn’t a course out there that bridges all of the theory with the practical application that we need in order to realise our goals. What the nutrition courses don’t teach you is how to translate all of the theory that you’ve learned into practical application in the real world that caters for our different needs. Here we cut out all the fluff and all the theory that will take a long time to assimilate and translate into practical application. We get to the core of what you need to know so you can apply them immediately and see results right away. We teach you how to measure, what to measure and translate all the data onto the dietary menu so your clients can apply it and immediately get results. We believe in it as we have been using them in the trenches and have fine tuned these exact methods to successfully help many clients for over a number of years.


We lay them all out for you here whether its to further your own knowledge or performance and if you’re a fitness professional, to confidently guide your clients so that they can see better results which directly affects your PT business, your brand and subsequently, your earnings! If you are passionate about helping others and giving them the best help that they can get, then you care deeply about their results. This program will give you all the knowledge and the tools required to deliver the right results for your clients.


Module I (2 – 3Hrs)

In this one to one coaching session, you will learn the following:


1)  Learn the essentials of Sports and Aesthetic nutrition – Give an effective diet appraisal and analysis for yourself or your clients.

2)  Learn the complete step-by-step processes from consultation to appraisal, to weight/performance management.

3)  Strategies to integrate the new dietary habits into your lifestyle for weight management and post weight loss.

4)  Technical ability to take the required bodyfat readings using calipers and how to analyze and interpret them.

5)  Technical reference sheets to take away for your own reference and how to translate them.

6)  How to design a step-by-step, easy to follow, goal centric, detailed customized diet plan from scratch.

7)  Formulae to work out calorie requirements. Which is most effective. Which to apply.

8)  Nutrient Partitioning – How to partition each nutrient with each meal.

9)  Nutrient Timing – How to perfectly time the required nutrient intake to maximise their effectiveness.

10)  Calorie & Nutrient Programming – How to divide calorie and nutrient requirements that is goal centric.

11) Macronutrient Breakdown – How to select, calculate and break down each macronutrient with each body type.

12) Macronutrient Ratios – How to divide the ratios of each macronutrient depending on the body type to get the best results.

13) Sematotyping Application for each specific application i.e, fat loss, mass gain, sports performance etc.

14) Food Nutritional Values – How to work out and apply nutritional values to dietary menus.

15) Superfood Combinations – Find the most effective combinations for each goal.

16) Supplement Mapping – Learn what supplements work and what don’t. How and when to use them for each specific goal.

17) Performance feedback – What and how to take client’s statistics for performance feedback, track progress and to facilitate progression.

18) Physique Competition Preparation Strategies – Contest Prep (Advanced clients).

19) Nutrition Periodization – Analyse and apply plateau breaking strategies to ensure that no stone is left unturned and every single client will get results (Advanced clients).

20) Nutritional tweaks – Learn what to tweak and how to tweak the crucial areas of the nutrition plan so your client keeps progressing (Advanced clients).

21) Advanced Strategies – Learn all the advanced techniques that will get you from lean to shredded (Advanced clients).



At the end of your coaching you will be well versed with the entire process from the initial consultation to designing the appropriate detailed diet plan depending on the body type and based on your client’s goals; and in accordance with their lifestyle and preferences. You will be able to collect and monitor your client’s adherence and progress with confidence.

This way you will only get the best results possible for yourself or your clients. You will know exactly which part of the plan to tweak and modify to cater for your clients progression as their body shape changes.



Module II (1 – 2Hrs) – Advanced Clients

We also have coaching for advanced clients on special dietary strategies (Sports specific, competitions etc..).

Knowledge of Module I above is a prerequisite.


Remember, knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge IS !