I’ve always been active. Started to dance when I was 10, then became a dance teacher and fitness instructor when I was about 20. I met Steven about 10 years ago and he opened my eyes to the fact that although I’ve been spending so many hours in the gym, my body and fitness level haven’t progressed in years.

A lot of it due to the fact that all my training was cardio. It was then when Steve introduced a moderate weight training to my fitness plan and composed a balanced diet which included more protein less carbs to support a steady fat loss.

6 months ago I decided to take my body from fitness person to an athlete. I decided to compete in a natural body building bikini competition. Nice body wasn’t quite enough for that. I needed a PERFECT BODY and do trust me, that isn’t so easily to get! I couldn’t do it on my own as despite being a fitness professional for 15 years I didn’t think I knew enough to take my body any further myself. I needed someone with a hell of a lot more knowledge, experience and patience. Also someone I could trust as a young woman going into bodybuilding I wanted to look more muscular yet feminine and sexy! I know many personal trainers but decided to ask Steven for help and he said yes!     

Steven rebuilt my training and composed a very personalized diet for me. We reset the goals and set stages to my transformation. The journey was emotional, hard training, tough diet but Steven has been there for me all the way through believing I could do it! 6 months later and 4 trophies later here I am. A Miami Pro UK Fitness Model Champion, Miami Pro UK Muscle Model Champion and The Best Butt reward too 😉

Steven, we’ve done it!  It’s been an emotional journey but it was worth it! Thank you and look forward to working with you again at my next fitness contest.