I started my time with Steve only 3 months ago. I began feeling at my lowest, unhappy with my body image and general fitness, contributed by a stressful work/life balance. However, with Steve, he was not only an excellent personal trainer, but a great friend too. I find every session pushes me to my limits, but with Steve’s constant enthusiasm and professional attitude, I always dig deep and get my pump on.

Steve taught me the benefits of weight lifting, removing the stigma of girls in the gym. I now love doing squats and bench, and after a hard day, I love it when he puts on the pads and lets me get that pure aggro out :)))

I’ve also been taught the importance of having good nutrition. Steve completely revamped my diet, incorporating a high protein/low carb approach. I’m feeling so much happier and healthier, with my confidence increasing every session. I feel I still have work left to do on my body, and unfortunately I will be leaving the country, but Steve has given me the tools and the confidence to train myself to the place I want to get to. I will miss him as the best PT and friend I could have. Cheers Steve!