Before I met Steve I was what you call a gym plodder been working out for years with moderate gains at first but then very little happening, if anything gaining weight in all the wrong places. I knew a little about good foods but was largely ignorant and in a rut. I wanted to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat but wasn’t sure how and at 44 years old not an easy task.
I read Steve’s profile was impressed with what I read and how he had transformed his own body he is one of the few trainers I saw that was genuinely passionate about his clients goals and not about earning money.
I decided to take the plunge and seek his guidance on exercise and specifically diet which I was largely ignorant of. Best decision ever made!!

I have been following closely his diet and training schedules and we achieved exactly what he said I would. All in the space of just over six months.
In the initial phase I bulked to gain 5kg of muscle!! Following that I have been through my first cutting phase and lost 8% body fat!!! This is just one cycle and I am aiming to achieve even greater gains with lower body fat in the near future.
My recommendation, take the plunge he really knows what he is talking about and will make a difference to your goals!