When I first started training with Steve I had the simple goal of being able to do a chin-up, improve my strength and build a better physique. Previously when I would train by myself I never really saw much progress, and any gains would quickly reach a plateau. However with Steve’s tremendous help and enthusiasm I have smashed my original targets and reached a strength far beyond what I thought possible. In fact my strength keeps increasing every week and shows no signs of slowing down.
Steve has many years experience of being a trainer and he knows how to get killer results and take things to the next level, no matter the starting point. He also has a deep interest in muscle and bone anatomy, both through self study and formal qualifications. Lifting weights not only makes our muscles stronger, it helps with many aspects of our health: For example leading to stronger bones and ligaments.
Steve taught me that gym training is only part of the story: After all, we are only in the gym a handful of hours each week. Steve also has a deep interest in nutrition from a fitness and health perspective. He showed me the importance of eating a healthy meal plan which can be sustained for many years to come. He quickly corrected many of my bad diet habits which were preventing me from gaining muscle mass, and taught me the importance of proper rest and recovery.
Every workout has far more intensity than I could possibly manage on my own, always with a push to do better than before, and Steve’s motivation is infectious! He always changes the exercises in order to prevent stagnation, and to keep the muscles growing. Quite literally no muscle is left untouched! 
To give some results, in a few months I have gained over 7kg of muscle mass, my bodyfat has dropped 1%, I can deadlift over 100kg and squat with 70kg. My work colleagues notice my arms and shoulders are bulked up, and my mind feels sharper. I feel great, and it really has changed my life for the better.
I feel I can easily keep the exercise routine going for the long-term, and the knowledge I have learnt from this experience will stay with me forever.
I feel lucky to have found such a great trainer. Thank you Steve!