After having spent the last few years enjoying my food and carefree lifestyle I finally decided it was time to get fit and lose some weight. The carefree years had taken their toll on both my shape, which was bordering on size 14 and my fitness (gasping for air as you get to the top of the station stairs is not a good thing). Being fairly short, I was beginning to look like an out of breath swiss ball on legs!

I started training a year ago at a local gym and quickly managed to lose a few pounds (enough to get me into the size 12 zone). My fitness levels improved vastly over the year and although I knew this was an excellent improvement for me I still wasn’t happy with my shape or weight which both remained static throughout the year after the initial small weight loss. I was of the belief that if I exercised regularly my eating habits didn’t need to change really as I was expending more energy!

It wasn’t until my husband started training with Steven that I realised how wrong I was! Steven put my husband on a diet and training plan and within 4 weeks I noticed a huge difference in his weight and shape. Feeling intensely jealous of his success I also signed up with Steven in February this year. Steven’s approach to training is unique – he took the time to listen and understand the goals I wanted to reach and tailored a diet and training plan to suit me. He took initial measurements and set 6 week targets with measurements taken every 2 weeks to monitor my progress. Steven was spot on with his plan which I followed to the letter. Every 2 weeks I was seeing a drop in weight and my shape was changing – I actually had a waist!! Steven is a brilliant motivator and his training exercises are varied, interesting and hard work! He gets you to push yourself to your potential and then a little more but the results are worth every drop of sweat and determination.

Within 12 weeks of training with Steven I have dropped to a size 8/10…I can wear figure hugging clothes and look good in them but most of all I’ve had a massive confidence boost and am proud of my body shape and my muscle tone! Thank you Steven!!!…cant wait to show off my new shape and size this Summer!