I have always been an active person and regularly went to the gym, but never seemed to get the results I wanted and moving into my 30s, I decided to take action and started Personal Training with Steven. It was really important for me to train with someone, who challenged me and had the experience and intelligence to help me achieve my goals which Steven has.

Steven has totally tailored my training sessions, to my individual needs, changing the routines regularly so that I have never got bored or lost motivation. My body shape has changed and I have had a huge increase in energy levels. Steven is an excellent trainer with just the right amount of motivation & challenge. He has an appreciation for the modern world of instant gratification, mixed with knowledge of the natural world and nutritional advice and general lifestyle tips.

I would recommend anyone to train with Steven, he has a focused and motivational disposition which makes him a pleasure to train with (even when I am cursing him during circuits!).

A fantastic investment that is worth every penny!