“For once, I am looking forward to summer!”

Every year it’s the same, I eat too much at Christmas and put on weight (my ‘winter layer’) and then I have to try to lose some weight in time for summer. But the older I get, the harder it’s becoming. In my twenties, I used to be able to do it in six weeks, but I’m in my forties now! Suddenly I couldn’t fit into anything in my wardrobe anymore, not even my “fat” clothes!

Starting work with Tatyana has helped me break this cycle. I am no longer ‘on or off the wagon’ – so either eating what I want and doing no exercise or eating nothing I want and going to the gym every day! Tatyana has helped me make such an effective lifestyle change that I really believe I can stick to forever – because it’s effortless. 

Tatyana asked me so many questions at the outset. My perspective was “I want to lose weight – let’s go!”. But she explained to me why I was trapped in this dieting loop and devised a programme that addressed every aspect of my lifestyle, not just how I spend my time at the gym. She is so knowledgeable about training techniques and nutrition, and has so many different exercises and other little lifestyle changes to suggest, that there is so much variety in what I eat and how I train. She has found a way of making the training fun every time – even on the occasions when I thought that I really didn’t feel like it. 

The programme that Tatyana developed for me is so effective that the results continually inspire me to keep going. My body looks and feels so different and I have truly been empowered by the changes I have made. I am so grateful to her for thought and care that she has put into helping me achieve not just the goal I had in mind, but the most important goal, sustainable healthy eating and a routine that keeps me fit and active. Thank you, Tatyana!