I am delighted to give Steven a reference for his work as a personal trainer. I have been training with him for 5+ years and he has been amazing throughout.

Before I started training with Steve, I considered my level of training and nutritional knowledge to be pretty decent but having a good PT meant much bigger gains in both fitness and knowledge.

Steve has personally been through every routine, diet & protein shake before making me do it so has personal first hand experience which I think sets him apart from the rest of the PT field.

Steve has helped me reach numerous personal goals including getting my body fat down to 10% and making me much fitter, leaner and stronger. He has kept me motivated and helped me work to specific goals of fitness and nutritional knowledge.

I would not hesitate to recommend him although once you start you may well get addicted to an expensive habit like I did!

If you are keen to change your body shape, increase your fitness or just understand nutrition better then steve is your man. Happy to take a call if this has not convinced you he is the man!