I have always been a sickly weak child suffering from various ailments amongst which is weight management. I have also always been very active in sporting activities. Many a times I have suffered sports injuries and I never cared too much bout living a healthy lifestyle.

As I move along the age brackets, I found that keeping up a healthy lifestyle is of vital importance. I decided to join the gym a little while back though I have never been a fan of the gym. I found it difficult to motivate myself and craved for a leaner body.

Steven approached me while I was at the gym and explained the benefits of engaging in personal training. He tailored my training according to my ever changing objectives. I have seen positive change not only in my body but my health as well at a very rapid rate. The rehab he planned for me has now enabled me to pick up some of my previous sporting interests. His patience with my moaning and groaning and ability to keep me motivated should win him an award!