The drive of passion makes one achieve the ultimate. Steven is a fireball spritzing out positive energy to awaken the conscience of respecting our beautiful human body. The adjectives I choose to describe Steven:

Tiresome Training….
Enlightenment….in the mastery of the mind over body
Visionary in healthfulness…
Everlasting fitness…
Never say I Can Not…

The serious commitment put into the programme by Steven is marvellous.

His workouts are unbelievable. He programmes the routines in such a way that you can never get bored of it. It’s always something innovative or breaking your previous record… making you feel like….Did I Just Do That !!!

We all know that, We are what we eat….. And so Steven’s workouts make you think twice before you hit the fridge for a midnight snack…….

The part that I hate the most is cooking….. Taking into account that I am a vegan…..Steven prepared a balanced diet programme which included recipes… that made my life easy and my taste buds tingling with joy….

Once you’re Steven’s client there’s no looking back…. Your fitness results will say it all…..