Even after training regularly for years I could never manage to look toned and feel healthy, but this changed since I started training with Steven.

The first time Steven and I discussed my fitness goals, he not only asked me about my training and diet history but made sure he knew enough to customize my diet plan and work out regime to my daily routine.

Steven made me realize how essential it is to maintain a good balance between diet and exercise and that both go hand in hand. He has helped me totally change my attitude to food, and along with the exercise this has enabled me to do so well so quickly. I now really look forward to eating healthy and fresh food which aides in fat burning and building muscle. There is definitely no starving with Steven’s diet plan. 

Usually girls run away from weights thinking they would get huge guns. I DON’T, in fact I love weights now which is the secret to my toned arms. Every session with Steven is a different routine which makes it fun. He focuses on each body part with combination exercises and makes sure I do each of them with the right technique. Some times I feel he is the Head master you despised when in school but appreciate when you see your report card!

In total I’ve lost over 16Lbs in bodyfat alone! I went from size 10 down to size 6! I never knew that there was a petite body inside me all along with all that bodyfat on me! Hands down, I will recommend training with Steven, he is not just another bulked up trainer in the gym. Steven is very passionate about fitness and this shows when he delivers.